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Helping to make financial services accessible to everyone

At Qafeo Capital it is our mission and we work 24/7/365 to solve one of the world’s most pressing problems: making financial services global and accessible to everyone.

We are able to do this by interconnecting diverse payment systems that enable better movement of funds into and out of emerging economies. Our network makes it possible for Mobile Wallet Operators, Corporations MTOs and Merchants to move funds in real time to and from emerging countries. We offer three key payment solutions (P2P remittance processing, corporate mass payouts and digital payment services).

Our Services

What we do

Automation of processes & product development

Our solution transforms resource intensive recurrent tasks, such as Salary Disbursement,or even, M-Pesa float management, into scheduled tasks that run automatically.

Solution Development & Integration

Given that all businesses are unique in how they operate, we customize our solution as per the need of our clients.

Consultancy & Support

We offer consultancy on how to optimize your operations to maximise revenue, cut overheads and better the service offering for your customers.

Education & Training

We train end-users on not only how to use our solution in the most efficient manner, but, on the best practices in the industry. We also train technical staff on how to manage the solution.


Value To Clients

Easy To Manage

With our solutions, majority of the work has been done for you. It is almost fully automated. No special skill is needed to use it.

Cut Costs

We help you reduce the time that staff spend on repetitive routine work by automating your processes.


What we Offer

Bulk Payments

This application facilitates processing of bulk payments instructions issued by SMEs to credit bank accounts and/or mobile wallets. These instructions contain confidential payment instructions such as salaries or otherwise.

Bank standing orders management system

Used by the bank’s customers to manage (create, amend, delete) their standing instructions. This module is accessible outside the bank hence customers can easily manage the instructions from their offices/homes.

Merchants Aggregation solution

This solution is for SMEs and allows them to receive mobile money payments(via till or Paybill) to a bank account, apply for a short term loan and make payments to a bank account, a mobile money account or Paybill or M-pesa till in real-time.

Remittances Processing Solution

A solution for money transfer companies based outside Kenya who wish to send money to mobile wallets and bank accounts in Kenya. Offers an API to the remittance company for sending money transfer instructions automatically.

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We’re here to help. Send us an email or call us at 0765264223. Please feel free to contact our expert.

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